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To Get Started:

  • Select "Start Free Trial."

  • Enter your payment information* and register your account to begin your 10 day free trial.

  • Complete the required player information and parent acknowledgment to create your profile and be added to the Player Profile Directory.

  • Go to your "My Recruiting Profile" member page (from the login menu) to see detailed instructions for completing your Player Profile and adding videos, photos, documents, player and academic stats, event schedules, and more.


Update and Maintain your Profile

  • Log in to your account dashboard regularly to access your member pages and easily add and update Information on your Profile Page as needed.

  • Use your "My Notes" page to organize and track coach communications, training progress, your recruiting timeline, and more.

  • Communicate with college coaches and give them the link and QR code to your Profile Page.

  • Keep them updated with your game schedules, training, and academic progress.

Reach for the "Next Level"

  • Actively update and maintain your Profile - Coaches and scouts will be notified when your info changes.

  • Receive regular notices from with recruiting and scholarship updates and the information you need to stay on track in the recruiting process.

  • Refer to our Resource Center for all the info you need to become the best student/athlete you can be.

  • Be Proactive and Take Charge of the Process!


* NOTE: Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel before your 10 day free trial expires. Instructions for canceling are on your Dashboard in the My Subscriptions menu.

** ANNUAL RENEWAL: You will be notified of upcoming renewals prior to your anniversary date. You may cancel anytime before renewal to avoid additional charges.

Your Personal College Recruiting Profile:

  • Create your profile and begin promoting yourself to college recruiters and scouts. Include photos, videos, awards, and achievements. Post your upcoming schedule of games and events.

  • Receive regular tips and hints about improving your chances at reaching "Next Level."

  • Access our Resource Center for in-depth recruiting info, including college site links, articles, and information to improve yourself and your game.


    Every year
    Create and Manage Your Personal Recruiting Profile
     10 day free trial


Player Signing Scholarship

Navigate the College Recruiting Process:

  • Check our Resource Center for scholarship and grant information.

  • Access and update your student athlete's online profile.

  • Understand NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA conditions and requirements.

  • Use your athletes' site dashboard to update information, monitor recruiting communications and track training milestones.

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