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Support & Frequently asked questions

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  • What makes Diamond Players Recruits different from other recruiting sites?
    First of all we are focused only on Diamond Sports - Baseball and Softball. Most importantly our approach is to present to recruiters players that are serious about playing at the Next Level. Completing our in-depth Profile will give college recruiters and scouts the information they need to make a decision to take the next step in the recruiting process. Recruiters will get a complete "first impression" of a player, including athletic and academic information and achievements, verifiable skills and athletic stats and metrics, game and skills videos, personal references, and a glimpse into the player's personality, off-field interests, and goals. Pro-active players will be able to easily update their Profile with current game and event schedules. AND IT'S FREE. Players and parents can access our complete marketing and recruiting platform plus an extensive resource library. Players and parents will receive regular email newsletters chock full of information and tips for a successful journey to the "Next Level"
  • How do I create my Recruiting Profile?
    When you complete the "Sign Up" form, you will be redirected to the: Initial information input form. This form should be completed and submitted at one time. This is required information and will create your Profile and add it to the Player Profiles Directory listing. When you submit this form, you will be redirected to the rest of the: Player Profile Input form. There are eight sections that you can complete at your leisure; Player Bio, Academic Info, Personal Info, References, Game & Event Schedules, Awards & Honors, Testing & Stats, Videos & Photos. Each time you save a section, you will be redirected to your active Player Profile. To return to the input form or to maintain and update your information go to the LogIn dropdown menu and select My Recruiting Profile. Click here to see a detailed step by step-by-step guide with videos and worksheets.
  • Are Player Profiles really free? What's the catch?
    There is no fee to create a Diamond Players Recruits online Player Profile. The Resource Center, Blog Pages, and Newsletters are also accessible at no charge. Player Profiles will remain active and live until canceled by the player or through the end of the players high school graduation year. There is no catch. You will not be asked to purchase additional features or products.
  • Do I need to be a certain age to register for a FREE Player Profile Membership?
    Yes - Players must be a minimum 13 years old and in the 8th grade or higher. There is also a required parent waiver and permission acknowledgement during the registration process.
  • Why are you asking for donations?
    We believe the online recruiting profiles and other services we provide are valuable tools to assist aspiring college student-athletes in achieving their goals of competing at the "Next Level". Charging fees and up-selling additional services can be a deterrent for otherwise deserving players and their families. Diamond Players Recruits still needs to meet operational needs in order to provide these free services on an ongoing basis, so we have created the Diamond Players Recruits Operations and Player Scholarship Fund for anyone wishing to support our program to make a donation. In addition to supporting our platform, Diamond Players Recruits will pay out 25% of every donated dollar in player scholarship awards to eligible players each year. Click here to see complete details and how to donate.
  • How often should I update my Profile?
    It is very important that your Profile is kept current. Check it at least once per week and make sure to add or update new information. NOTE: Recently created and UPDATED Profiles are shown at the TOP of the Profile Directory Listing.
  • How do I make a recruiting video?
    Videos have become critical sources of information for today's recruiters and scouts. Well-prepared game and skills videos create a great first impression and will give recruiters a good look at your athleticism and skill set. For Best Video Presentation: Upload your separate videos to YouTube, Hudl, Vimeo, Wistia, or any other video hosting site that creates a sharable URL link to your video. Enter the video links in the appropriate field on your Profile input form. Each video will play in a separate window. Note that the video player will not accept YouTube playlists or "Shorts" videos. IMPORTANT: If you want to use videos you have on other recruiting sites, make sure they allow you to share your video URL link. NOTE: Coaches prefer to see shorter videos of each skill rather than one long video with all skills running together. Click here to see sample videos and best practices for production and presentation.
  • How do I add web links to my Profile?
    While creating or updating your Profile, you will see input fields for website and video links. Type or copy and paste the URL. Make sure to include https://www in the address.
  • Why won't my web links upload to my Profile?
    Make sure the URL address prefix includes https:// before the www.urladdress.
  • How do I add documents to my Profile?
    There are two sections in the Profile input form (Game & Event Schedules / Awards & Honors) that allow you to upload documents. Clicking on the "Select pdf File" buttons will allow you to select supported document files on your device that will upload to your Profile for viewing.
  • How do I add photos to my Profile?
    The "Videos & Photos" section in the Profile input form allows you to upload photos. Your "Player Bio" section also has an image upload button to add your head shot photo. Clicking on the "Select Image File" buttons will allow you to select supported image files on your device. Photos will display at the bottom of your Profile page. You can change photos as often as you like.
  • How do I add videos to my Profile?
    The "Videos & Photos" section in the Profile input form allows you to upload URL links from your video hosting site. Type or copy and paste the video URL's in the appropriate fields. There is also a field to enter a description or title for each video. There is a separate field for entering your player introduction video, which will show in the Personal section of your Profile. You can change or update video files as often as you like. Click here to see sample videos and best practices for production and presentation.
  • How do I use my QR Code?
    The Diamond Players Recruits system automatically creates a QR Code linked to your Player Profile. Your QR code is an image file you will find on your "My Recruiting Profile" member page. Click on it to download an image file you can copy and paste to your printed paper profile or attach to emails and texts to coaches.
  • Who will see my contact information?
    The contact information listed for you and your references will only be visible to registered and confirmed college coaches, recruiters, and professional scouts.
  • Is it important to add references to my Profile?
    YES - Recruiters want to know there are legitimate references they can contact to verify the information you are presenting and may offer further insights into your character and suitability for their program.
  • Is it important to add verify dates and information to my Profile?
    YES - First of all, recruiters will see how recently your stats were recorded. Information about your results at events, locations, and dates will help them verify the accuracy of your numbers and also give them an additional reference to check. A recruiter will be suspicious of any results or stats you submit without verifying information or references. DO NOT exaggerate your numbers. This is a sure way to be removed from a recruiters follow list.
  • How do I use the NOTES section in my Member Dashboard?
    You may use the "Notes" section in your member dashboard in any way you like. Create separate Notes for game and training schedules, important contact info, and recruiting timeline. Create as many Notes as you like to help stay on track in your journey to the Next Level.
  • Can I create and update my Profile on my cell phone?
    YES, however, depending on your device and file type, certain documents may not upload correctly. It is much easier to create your Profile on a computer.
  • What if we have two or more players in our family that need a Recruiting Profile?
    Each player will need a separate Profile Membership and separate login ID. The login ID is a unique email address for a specific member and can not be changed. It is not possible to create two profiles under the same email address.
  • How can I use the Diamond Players Resource Center?
    The "Resource Center" is chock full of links to great information to assist in your journey to the Next Level. Find in-depth recruiting info, including college site links, articles, and tips on how to improve yourself and your game. Find scholarship and grant information. Understand NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA conditions, requirements, and recruiting schedules. New information and updates will be added regularly, so check back often.
  • How do I cancel my Profile Membership?
    You can cancel at any time by selecting "My Dashboard" from the log-in drop-down menu, then selecting "My Member Plan" to find the cancel subscription link. Your FREE Profile Membership is live and active on the Diamond Players Recruits website through the end of your graduation year. You can also cancel at any time on the Diamond Players Recruits website or by contacting
  • What is the refund policy?
    There is no Refund Policy - Because its FREE 😀
  • Can my Player Profile be canceled by Diamond Players Recruits?
    Any Player Profile displaying inappropriate language, images or links will removed and the membership canceled at Diamond Players Recruits discretion. Profiles will also me monitored and flagged for exaggerated stats and academic information.
  • How do I contact Diamond Players Recruits?
    You can send an email to OR - Fill out the "Get in Touch" form at the bottom of this page. OR - To receive regular Newsletters, fill out and submit the form in the page footer.
  • Why should I register for a FREE Membership?
    There are two main reasons for registering for a "Recruiters & Scouts" free membership. While most of the information is visible to the general public, only registered college coaches, recruiters, and professional scouts will be able to see player, parent, and references contact information. Your member dashboard will allow you to easily select and maintain a list of all of your favorite prospects with one click access to their complete Profile.
  • Why do I need to verify that I am a college coach or pro scout?
    We represent to players, parents, and personal references that only registered and verified college coaches, recruiters, and professional scouts will be able to access their contact information. To maintain the integrity of our platform, we ask that, during registration, you acknowledge that you are a staff member in good standing with the organization you are representing. We also ask you to input your organizational email, website, and Facebook page if available. This information is only for our use and is not accessible to the public or Profile members.
  • Do you list registered college coaches and scouts on your website?
    NO - The information you submit is only for our internal use and to verify that you are a legitimate member of the organization you are representing. Although we do provide our Profile members public information about all college and professional organizations, we DO NOT share the information you submit with any member or third party.
  • How do I identify and list the players I want to follow?
    In your Member Dashboard, there is a section titled "My Favorites." This section will allow you to create and update a listing of players from our Directory that you would like to follow. To add players to your Favorites list, click on the Star next to their name at the top right of their Player Profile. To remove from your Favorites, click on the X in their listing.
  • How do I know when new players are added and when Profiles are updated?
    You will receive a monthly email from us with a link to the latest Directory update. All new and updated Profiles are shown at the beginning of the listing.
  • How do I know if testing stats, skills stats, GPA's etc. are accurate?
    We make it very clear to players and parents that exaggerating testing scores, stats, and analytics numbers will likely result in them being removed from a recruiters follow list. We ask them to complete sections of their Profile that provide you with additional verification information, including event names, dates, results, and reference contact info. We also regularly review Profile information for unusual or unrealistic information.
  • How can I use the NOTES section in my Member Dashboard?
    You may use the "Notes" section in your member dashboard in any way you like. Create separate Notes for game and training schedules, important contact info, and recruiting schedules. Be creative and make as many Notes as you like to help stay organized and in control of the process.

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