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Diamond players recruits
school & club coaches


    Free to High School and Club Team Coaches
    Free Plan
    • Free Annual Membership
    • Access your Program Player List on your Site Dashboard
    • Offer Each Player in your Program a 20% Profile Discount

Create a separate Free Membership if you coach both a high school and club team.

Promote Your Players for Greater Exposure:

  • Add value to your program by providing our Recruiting Platform to your players and parents at a discounted rate.

  • Track and monitor your program players from your site dashboard - Help update key information to maximize their recruiting efforts.

  • Check out our Recruiting Forum and join the discussion. Communicate with high school, travel team, and college coaches.​​

To Get Started:

  • Select "Free Membership."

  • Enter your Login information and register your account.

  • Complete the required contact information and verification.

  • Give your Program Players the discount code with instructions for completing their Personal Recruiting Profile.

  • Go to your "Dashboard" (from the login menu) to create and maintain your Program Players list, make notes, and update your member information.


Register for a FREE membership and each player in your organization will receive a 20% discount on their annual Recruiting Profile membership.


Group Pricing Also Available.

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