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Diamond Players Recruits

Refund Policy


Diamond Players Recruits subscriptions and services are non-refundable.


The Recruiting Player Profile is an annual subscription service: If the subscription is not canceled during the initial 10-day free trial period and after the subscription fee is paid, no refund will be made for the current year’s subscription. The cardholder assumes the risk of any changes in the student-athlete’s recruiting process, including but not limited to: loss of interest in pursuing college sports, a change of team/organization, lack of interest from targeted schools, and a verbal or official commitment to a college. The student-athlete Diamond Players Recruits profile may be removed from the Diamond Players Recruits platform at any time upon request. However, this does not affect the Refund Policy.


Annual subscriptions automatically renew every year and can be canceled on the Diamond Players Recruits website or can be canceled by contacting Diamond Players Recruits is not responsible for refunding subscriptions that automatically renew due to non-cancelation.


An organization (High School or Club Program coach or administrator) entering into a contract with Diamond Players Recruits is subject to the agreement per the contract for the particular organization. For student-athletes that have a subscription provided through an organization, Diamond Players Recruits does not provide refunds for dues paid to an organization for the use of Diamond Players Recruits services.


Organization Integration Policy: If the student-athletes organization joins Diamond Players Recruits as an integrated organization, his/her individual subscription account may change if desired. The policy goes into effect on the date the individual is transferred to the organization’s account.


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