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A New Approach to Promoting High School Baseball & Softball Players to the "Next Level"

Updated: Nov 22

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Our approach at Diamond Players Recruits is to provide serious high school baseball and softball players an opportunity to “Take Charge” of the process and show college recruiters and scouts how serious they are about reaching the “Next Level” of academics and athletic competition.

Completing and maintaining our in-depth Player Profile will give college recruiters and scouts the information they need to make a decision to take the next step in the recruiting process.

Recruiters will get a complete "first impression" of a player, including athletic and academic information and achievements, verifiable skills and athletic stats and metrics, game and skills videos, personal references, and a glimpse into the player's personality, off-field interests, and goals.

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Pro-active players will use their "My Notes" member page to organize and track coach communications, training progress, recruiting timeline, and more. They will be able to easily update their Profile with current game and event schedules, communicate often with college coaches, and provide them the link and QR code to their profile.

Players and parents can access our complete marketing and recruiting platform, plus an extensive resource library. Learn more about navigating the recruiting process, understand NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA conditions and requirements, find scholarship and grant information - and much more.

They will also receive regular email newsletters from Diamond Players Recruits chock full of information and tips for a successful journey to the "Next Level.”

This “All Inclusive” Player Profile Membership is available for one low annual fee - no upsells and no pressure for added services. After a 10-day Free Trial, just $75 per year through the players’ graduation year or until canceled.


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Recruiters and Scouts will also find our site makes it easier for them to find the type of players that fit their program needs. The Player Directory allows them to easily sort players by Grad Year - Position - State -School - Club Team - GPA . . . and more.

Player Profiles are available for anyone to see. However, only College Recruiters and Pro Scouts who have registered for a FREE Membership will be able to see contact information for players, parents, and references.

Another benefit of the FREE Membership is the “My Favorites” list in their Member Dashboard. This section will allow them to easily create and update a listing of players from our Directory that they would like to follow.

All college programs will receive an updated Player Directory each month.


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High School and Club Team Coaches can promote their players for greater exposure and add value to their team program by providing our Recruiting Platform for them at a discounted rate.

A free "School & Club Coach" membership allows them to offer all of the players in their program a 20% discount when they sign up for a Player Profile membership.

The system will also automatically create a listing in the coaches’ Member Dashboard displaying all players in their program. This feature gives them an easy way to monitor their

players and help update key information to maximize recruiting efforts.

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