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Diamond Players Recruits - How it works for Recruiters and Scouts

Updated: Mar 11

College Recruiting Coach

Diamond Players Recruits - How it works for Recruiters and Scouts.

If you are a college recruiter or professional scout, our goal here at Diamond Players Recruits is to give you as much information as possible to determine if a player is a good fit for your program before taking the next step in the recruiting process.

While the player listing directory and profiles are free to check out at your leisure - a free membership adds extra benefits and lets you see contact information for players, parents, and references.

And by registering, you confirm that you are a legitimate member of an accredited college program or professional organization.

From your member dashboard, you can identify players you would like to follow up with and add their Profiles automatically to a prospect list for easy access.

You also have a notes section where you can organize communications, schedules, and anything else to help with the process.

Our program requires players to take the initiative by using our platform to create a Profile giving you a complete picture of who they are. Check out their athletic and academic achievements, plus game and skills videos. Learn more about each player as they introduce themselves and describe their goals and interests.

We will send you an updated player directory each month and keep you posted as new player profiles are added.






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