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Diamond Players Recruits - How it Works for Players & Parents

Updated: Mar 11

Diamond Players Recruits - How it Works for Players and Parents

Do you want to be a college athlete?

Do you want an excellent education with discounted tuition to help pay back your parents for all the money they’ve spent on equipment, travel costs, and club team fees?

If the answer is yes, keep reading

The good news is that over 1,600 colleges in the U.S. offer baseball programs, and over 1,500 colleges offer softball programs spanning five different division levels.

Recent statistics show over 52,000 college baseball roster spots and 31,000 college softball roster spots.

That’s a lot of opportunities.

But Here’s the challenge.

Over 362,000 HS softball players are looking to fill those college roster spots, and over 492,000 HS baseball players.

So, about 8.4% of HS Softball and 9% of HS Baseball players will play at ANY collegiate level.

The odds don’t look so great -

What do you need to do? - Where (and when) do you start?

You’ve already taken the first steps by playing for your HS team,

attending camps, and competing in top events against the best competition you can find during your summer season.

You’re always working on improving your athletic and game skills.

And all the while prioritizing school work to ensure you meet college academic requirements.

Now, we want to make sure recruiters and scouts find you and see what makes you stand out from the rest.

This is where the Diamond Players Recruits platform helps with the next steps.

We provide you with a comprehensive Personal Profile where you can show your athletic, academic, and personal achievements to every coach, recruiter, and scout.

Our program is designed to assist YOU in taking charge of the process and to show those critical decision-makers that you’re serious about achieving your goals.

Our platform allows you to easily create, update, and maintain a complete picture of who you are.

Add game and event schedules, documents and web links, references, skills, analytics, and game stats. Include videos and photos. Tell them about yourself, your goals, extracurricular activities, and hobbies.

Show them how to contact you and make it easy for recruiters to add you to their prospect list.

Coaches want student-athletes who don’t need their hands held and can demonstrate that they can take charge of the process, be responsible for staying eligible, and keep up with the day-to-day schedule of collegiate life.

You will receive regular newsletters with tips on how to contact and communicate with recruiters. We’ll also send every program in the U.S. a complete updated player directory every month which they can filter for just the type of players they need, view a complete profile, and create a system to track their prospects.

You will have access to our extensive Resource Center, which is chock full of information. Learn about the academic requirements and recruiting schedules for all levels of the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA divisions.

Here, you can find in-depth recruiting information, college site and contact links, academic testing sites, national showcase schedules, training and instructional sites, articles to help you improve yourself and your game, and much more.

Your member dashboard has complete instructions for creating and updating your Personal Profile and even a place for you to keep notes on coach communications, training programs, annual recruiting checklist, and academic goals.

That’s all there is to it. No upsells and no pressure to pay for additional services.







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